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L Size Bundle (5.5kg)

RM 99.90
-Halal Certified Chicken
-This bundle kit does not only feature its high in vegetables for fiber content, it is also complemented with a variety of lean protein that are low in saturated fats. Adequate intake of protein has been associated with optimal immune function and better appetite control that can help in better weight control. In addition, seafood and fishes also contain high amount of healthy omega-3 fats that provide anti-inflammatory properties.

Consists of:
Kailan (Organic) 600g
Sawi Manis Kecil (Organic) 600g
Sawi Putih (Organic) 600g
Sawi Taiwan (Organic) 600g
Sawi Bunga (Organic) 300g
Bayam Merah (Organic) 300g
Long Beans (Organic) 600g
Chicken Breast 750g
Chicken Drumstick 750g
Prawns 1KG
Grouper Fillets 500g

Note: L Size Bundle (5.5kg) serves approximately 6-8 pax; based on a meal a day, for 3 days.

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