Welcome to Nutribah’s LIVE Viewing of our farm using the latest IOT Technology.

We have 6 organic farms and they are located in Kalabakan, Kalumpang, Keningau, Lok Kawi, Kimanis and Penampang with a total area of more than 405 hectares. This is where we grow the freshest of ingredients with Sabah’s megadiverse, clean and natural climate.

We adopt a farm-to-table model for our produce, ensuring that orders are delivered directly to consumers' doorsteps without the involvement of a middleman, which guarantees accessibility, affordability and quality control. As we understand the consumer’s demand for sustainable, organic, and nutritious products, we ensure that our produce is antibiotic-free, chemical-free, and pesticide-free. Apart from agricultural produce, we cultivate seafood such as fish & prawn. These produce are freshly harvested from the farm and packaged daily upon receiving orders.

Our farms use an IoT (Internet of Things) based smart farming system which utilises more technology than manpower. This way, we are able to control and monitor the environment of our farms with sensors indicating the humidity level, amount of light, temperature, soil pH level, and more, to ensure healthy & quality growth. We aim to bring supply chain transparency & traceability to a whole new level by setting up a live-streaming view of our organic farms. We strongly believe that when consumers are aware of how the food was sourced, they will have more confidence and the ease of mind to take another step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Check out our live farms below where everything that you are seeing right now is happening real-time. This is where we grow & harvest the produce!

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